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Alan Catlin is the editor of Misfit Magazine. A twenty time Pushcart Prize nominee, he is the author of over sixty chapbooks and full-length collections. Such titles include Drunk and Disorderly (Pavement Saw Press, 2003), and Alien Nation (March Street Press, 2011). Widely published in the small press, an archive of his published work is held at The University of Buffalo Special Collections. To read a recommended selection of Alan’s poetry, please visit Dead Snakes, where he is a frequent contributor.



Spray painted
gang tags on

alley walls,
deserted store

front doors
and windows,

do not cross


Homeless as Found

Rusting 50 gallon
oil drums contain

small fires.
In flickering light

shadow men drink
fortified wine,

smoke skunk weed,
avoid eye contact.


Pay Per View

street girls in
too tights, low

cuts, strut their
stuff all night

plenty of attitude,
no extra charge.


Goth Creatures

in night shades,
black makeup,

clothes, appear
after dark, walk

unlighted streets,
blend in,



Skins Versus Shirts

Half court play
ground hoops.

Nearby, parked car drug
meet gone bad: dead guy

slumped on front seat,
shot three times.

No one heard a thing.


High Stakes

crap game in
low light alley:

the rattle of bones,
clicking of dice;

more than one game
settled by a knife.


Moon in the Gutter

Spilled oil
and gasoline,

blood puddles
amid sodden

butts, food
wrappers; chalk

outlines another
unsolved crime.


Weapons of Mass Percussion

Hot car sound
system, bass line

shakes, rattles,
and rolls

the no moon,
hot and humid night.


Editor’s Note: All eight of the pieces above first appeared at the boutique’s sister-site, Midnight Lane Gallery, as a part of The Midnight on the Stroll Poetry Contest. Alan received 1st place in the contest.

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