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Alan Catlin is the editor of Misfit Magazine. A twenty time Pushcart Prize nominee, he is the author of over sixty chapbooks and full-length collections. Such titles include Drunk and Disorderly (Pavement Saw Press, 2003), and Alien Nation (March Street Press, 2011). Widely published in the small press, an archive of his published work is held at The University of Buffalo Special Collections. To read a recommended selection of Alan’s poetry, please visit UFO Gigolo, where he is a frequent contributor.


In the Underground

Summer at under-
ground subway station:

scent of human
waste, animal remains;

flesh fried on hot
third rail.


Last Week

I heard two guys
from rehab died,

overdosed on pills
and liquor.

You’d think they
would have learned

to stick to one or
the other.


“her breath stinks of cheap wine”

After a lifetime
of chain smoking weed

and ten-dollar johns
she flames out, lying

on a flea-bitten bed,
eyes, mouth, and legs

wide open, like
some human ashtray.


The Exorcist

Two Long Island Iced Teas
and an Italian Stallion

into the night, she orders
the Dirty Martini that makes

her head waver, twisted eyes
doing a Linda Blair Swivel

in their overloaded sockets,
split pea soup fouling her lips.


“Out here there’s no noise besides gunshots and sirens”

moonlit night
bent lampposts

sheared in half
telephone poles

shadows cast
like gallows

haunt the blood-
stained streets


Editor’s Note: The pieces with titles in quotes above use lines derived from the poetry of Henry Rollins.

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