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john sweet, b. 1968, opposed to all organized religions and fad diets. most recent collection is THE CENTURY OF DREAMING MONSTERS (Lummox Press, 2014). a believer in hope in limited amounts. an empty vessel. the one true prophet of holy sunlight.


october poem for a bitter sunlit day in early march

a stranger’s death in some
other town, leaves a box filled with
poems he’s written that no
one’s ever read

leaves an empty refrigerator

an unfinished letter

no mention in it of his
plans for the future



put your fate in the hands of
dead men, of self-righteous whores

let the sound of your children crying
be the sweetest song you’ve ever heard



young boy on fire and
singing beneath the colorless sky
all sweetness and regret and
where are the people who
said they loved him?

where is the future that was
supposed to grow from his


photograph of D

you up close and
beautiful in black & white and
i’m sorry

it was never
supposed to end



drowns in the pool or is drowned,
is found silent and not quite
peaceful on the bottom

not quite beautiful and open eyes
staring into the past and no
sound but the dull hum of the future

no truths but the ones told by
strangers with something to gain


Editor’s Note: All five of the pieces above first appeared at the boutique’s sister-site, Midnight Lane Gallery, as a part of The Midnight on the Stroll Poetry Contest. john received both 3rd place and an honorable mention in the contest.

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