Previous Feature: J.J. Campbell

J.J. Campbell is author of the full-length poetry collection, Sofisticated White Trash (Interior Noise Press, 2013). To learn more about J.J. and his poetry, please visit his blog, Evil Delights. Or, check out his site for a list of his many publications.


our women are easy

welcome to our palace of sin

we enjoy men with money
and plenty of regret

our women are easy to
get along with just be
mindful where you put
your hands


the buddy system

i learned a long time ago
to never walk these streets

i doubt this was the buddy
system they were talking
about in school


at a reasonable rate mind you

for the lovely ladies
of the night

i promise

i’ll take you to dinner

after you show me the
quickest way to the
bottom of your dignity


how soon until i blow it

i checked my caller id
the other day

fifty phone calls from
the same woman in
a month

i think she may be the
stalker i always wanted


domestic violence rule #1

the police
can be your
friend so long
as you bruise
easy and don’t
have a penis

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