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jonathan hayes is the author of Echoes from the Sarcophagus (3300 Press), Saint Paul Hotel (Ex Nihilo Press), Nippon: Drinking Sake and Staring at Fireflies in the August of Cicadas (Mel C. Thompson Publishing), and American Haiku (Mel C. Thompson Publishing). The 2012 juror for the Ann Fields Poetry Prize at San Francisco State University, jonathan is also the editor/publisher of the long-running, small press journal, Over the Transom.


The Latest

Pigeons in the alley moan like bad porn

A squad car at four in the morning blares its siren

Somewhere in the darkness, someone turns on a faucet
As a water pipe builds up the motion of cold/hot life

My neighbor in the hallway is almost perfectly quiet
Then silence, secure and comforting as a stone Buddha

The steam radiator hisses like a snake
And this is not a dream



She places Saran Wrap
w/ a black elastic hair band


my unfinished 24-ounce
tallest soldier of Budweiser.

And while I sleep passed out,
in the morning it’s there

for me in the fridge.


The Tenderloin

Where people understand
They are not going to win

So they get along

And, isn’t that winning

After all


It’s Tricky

Late night


Post Street:

Divas tranny nightclub; grassroots collective; SF fire station

Not one, but all are needed to put the fire out tonight

I find a piece of Latin ass, and salsa with it up the worn stairs
of the Americana Hotel: in her room, told to “take a shower first,”

and the rest is a photograph


All Hail! Reprising a selection of pieces from jonathan hayes’ full-length collection, American Haiku (Mel C. Thompson Publishing), San Diego based Poems-For-All  has published A Grocer by the Bay; American Haiku.  To learn more about the Poems-For-All chapbook series, edited and produced by Richard Hansen, please click on the cover art below . . .

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*Editor’s Note: Please view the slideshow for “It’s Tricky,” as it originally appeared at the boutique’s sister-site, Midnight Lane Gallery.

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