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Ag Synclair is editor of The Montucky Review, and also serves on the editorial staff of The Bookends ReviewWidely published in the small press, recommended selections of his work can be read online at The Camel SaloonFoundling Review, and The Legendary. Ag lives and writes in Arlington, MA, and otherwise collaborates with his partner in crime, the artist and poet, Heather Brager.


Rule of Thumb

on these streets
life is best lived

by keeping your friends close
your enemies closer

and when the dust settles
with any luck

you’ll know
which is which


Aural Sects

tramping wild among back alley slag
and porcine ladies of the night

a drink would help
or a cigarette

but the bars are closed, the pack is empty
and the matches are wet

just as well
that shit will kill you


The Lodger

poised on the edge
of respectability

just west of 5th
once sexy and sought after

now aged and broken
and only slightly less cracked

than one who would
write about such things



the pros and porno pushers
are gone

over on seventh avenue
the bridge and tunnel kids

are mad dancing outside
the skipjack

opening the veins of my city
and watching her bleed


All Hail! Edited by Ag Synclair, Jessica Dawson, and Heather Brager, The Montucky Review seeks well crafted wordplay from both established and novice writers alike. To learn more about the journal, click on the image below . . .

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