Previous Feature: Richard King Perkins II

Richard King Perkins II is a state-sponsored advocate for residents in long-term care facilities. He has a wife, Vickie, and a daughter, Sage. In addition to being a three-time Pushcart Prize nominee, his poem, “Freshman Barometer,” was nominated by Gravel for a 2013 Best of the Net award. Widely published in the small press, Richard’s most recent online publications include The Curator, Dali’s Lovechild, Hermes Poetry Journal, and Section 8 Magazine.


Nineteen Words about Uncle

Decimated fingertips transposed
to where scalp once appeared
because you thought he was cute
and sorry wasn’t good enough.


Six Separate Lyes

After a consensual gang bang
the conveniently priced whore

washed between her legs
with a variety of potent cleansers—

but even after she’d scrubbed
all the white scum away

she still smelled like
an underfunded community pool


Road-Kill Haiku

Corpses on the street
offer underprivileged kids
a cheap petting zoo.


Dementia Means Never Having To Say Repeat

Chagrined, I ease back
to once more enjoy hearing
how Grandpa whooped ass
on three guys in a saloon
who called him a sissy
for wearing black
patent-leather shoes and
having pomade in his hair.

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