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Scott Thomas Outlar is a lover of truth who enjoys researching philosophy, psychology, politics, spirituality, and any other facet of consciousness in the pursuit of reaching a higher state of vibration. A frequent contributor to Daily Anarchist and Dissident Voice, recently published selections of his verse can be read online at Black Mirror Magazine, Dead Snakes, and Medusa’s Kitchen. Scott may also be reached by email at



Time comes to lay tracks
put your boots on the pavement
One foot in front of the other
toward a future
being hailed by the sirens
like a street symphony
blue and red
flashing through fevered veins



“It’s a Revolution,”
she screamed
from her window
on the top floor,
calling down
to all of us below
to get a move on
and make it happen.


Warm Halo

One more sip
will save the future
a little nip
to take the edge off;
collar up, leather soaked,
nicotine stained halo
on the prowl.


Soiled Intentions

Archaic systems pulse
in neon shattered wavelengths
held up by the masses
to keep the rest of us in line
Ancient wicked institutions
will meet the yawning grave
just as soon as we
each grab our own damn shovel


Faded Glory

Stray cats fly by
as we’re crawling
out of the diner
spilling on the street
black lipstick faded
bottle empty
legging it back home
to crash with dawn


The Homeless Revelation

Guru in the street
preaching to the choir
about diving headfirst
back into the blue
Electroshock therapy
activates pineal gland,
triggering heaven on earth
with every rant released from lips


Renaissance Theory

Flash mob primal urges
dancing atop the cars
stirring it up and spitting it out
Shaken all the way
to the core of the matter
with a riot and a renaissance
to burn this baby down
so The Phoenix can start to rise


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