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Scott Wozniak is a member of the Rogue Poetry Slam of Ashland, OR, and an award-winning spoken word artist. His “The Acoustic Tongue Sessions,” which weaves together poetry and music into one cohesive storyline, has been performed from NYC to Chicago. A member of The Willamette Writers, his poetry has appeared online at Carcinogenic Poetry and Red Fez, and in print at The Daily Tidings. To learn more, please visit Scott’s site, or contact him at


Curbside Angels

Curbside angels
with broken wings
beg for smokes
and some spare change.

With just one fix
they’ll fly away


Smoke, Bug Out, Repeat

Piss sink hotel
Crack stem dead end

Sirens sound
Neighbors shout

Pipe gets lit
Eyes bug out

You tell yourself
Just one more hit


Your P. D.’s Finest, Hard at Work 

Bloody noses,
boots on necks,
AK muzzles
at backs of heads,

pleas of innocence
lost in winds.

This is where
our taxes went?!


Final Road Trip

His parked car running
on a back forty street
with garden hose connecting
tail pipe to window.

A woman walks by, mumbling,
“The things people do
just to get high.”

He waves goodbye.


Never Know What You’ll Find

Back alley dumpsters
possess all sorts
of wonders . . .

like poets
looking for a meal.


All Hail! Scott Wozniak’s new chapbook of poetry, Bumrush the Fantasy (Flying Wrench Press), is available for purchase via the author’s site. Please, click on the cover art below to learn more . . .

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Click to Purchase

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