Previous Feature: Noel Negele

Noel Negele is formerly from Albania, and currently resides in Greece. A frequent contributor to Dead Snakes, his poetry has also appeared in Horror Sleaze Trash.  


The Orange Light Behind the Shutters

She drinks as much as me
but is not nearly as good in bed

and when she sleeps I stand and look through the shutters
for meaning

lonely figures echo in the silence of the alleys

I wonder if we will ever find something to fill
the gap that keeps us awake at night.



Such is the World

The old lady keeps her
purse close to her
because the old lady
has lived enough
to know the kind
of bastards we all are.


At the Bar

More couples now than before
taking their places amongst the lonely stools

descending onto us drunks like carrions
displaying their happiness behind their smug warmth

we are out of style and shameless
well deep into the midnight of our lives
holding onto our drinks like safety nets

freedom was never as unbearable as now.

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