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Ag Synclair is editor of The Montucky Review, and also serves on the editorial staff of The Bookends ReviewWidely published in the small press, recommended selections of his work can be read online at Blacktop Passages, The Neglected Ratio, and Penman Review. Ag lives and writes in Arlington, MA, and otherwise collaborates with his partner in crime, the artist and poet, Heather Brager.


Upper West Side, 1979

by the side of a very long road

I will not go quietly
forget about those orange nights

and marvel at the rising and setting
of such slight bones


On the Streets, 1974

at small tables
piled high with french meat pies

and little white
boats of gravy

the children would shout
Joyeux Noel

between sips of
grandmother’s wine



back then
the men would leave the city

and go off to fish, behind them
the spawn of troubled hands

the women
reaching for a big sky

found hope
in a bluster of trees


All Hail! Edited by Ag Synclair, Jessica Dawson, and Heather Brager, The Montucky Review seeks well crafted wordplay from both established and novice writers alike. To learn more about the journal, click on the image below . . .

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