Previous Feature: Russ Cope

Russ Cope hails from Bluefield, WV, and has worked in both food- and janitorial services. His previous publications include Bitchin’ Kitsch, Dead Snakes, Poetry Super Highway, and Wilderness House Literary Review. To read more of his verse, please be sure to check out Russ’ blog.


Sofa People

they are sofa people who
sit on the curb and watch
a world float by them
counting dead flowers
on the sidewalk


Worth the Ashes

girl who walks on the other side
I’d give a kidney to suck your toes
and kiss your eyes, I don’t know
why, this is not a teenage poem,
I’m much too old for that, but I
would roll in your cinders, and make
the burning worthwhile



I’m going to change my name
and move to a new town
where nobody has met my kids,
I’m going to find a new street
to live on, and a new house,
a tiny one without windows.
No I’m not.



they want to scare us
into silence and sit
listening to the traffic pass
by, seen and not heard,
grandpa thumping the oldest
sibling, seen and not heard


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