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Noel Negele is formerly from Albania, and currently resides in Greece. A previously featured poet here at the boo-tay, his poetry has also appeared online at Dead Snakes, Horror Sleaze Trash, and Napalm And Novocain. 


Suicide Poem

May you all live happy lives
May all your treacheries bury into the past
May you all feel good with your skeletons
May your children be born adorable and grow up that way
May your dreams become realities and your mistresses never blackmail you

I wish I had loved you all more
than I have hated myself.


Your Demons on Display

. . . like stars over a black sky, closer of course and less shiny

Truth always takes effort so a man nests his head in lies
Sooner or later it happens
You allow it on yourself

Lying on the couch thinking less and less
Like a shipwreck washed out to a deserted shore

The clock is ticking
The clock will always be ticking.


I Only Wanted Sex

She wanted romance
Rough romance, street chased
New generation, time worn
Psychedelic, nostalgic romance
She wanted me to say,
“Hey, I’ve hit rock bottom. Come join me.”


For You

You are stranger than me, take all the compliments

say that love is a sacrifice from a romantic fairytale
from a God weaker than mandon’t believe in much
write and paint and keep being beautiful as all Hell

a walking mockery to the saints that say
that there is something more beautiful waiting
in Heaven after us

not much chance.


Toward the end

I expect old age to be death stalking my life
Before devouring me wholeuncomfortable
Most likely utterly alone, without children or a wife
In anguish and in pain because of the life I live now
smoking, drinking and all the other shit

I also expect to have some kind of a small pet
Like a fish or a turtle or something.


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