Previous Feature: John Grey

John Grey is an Australian born poet, and resident of the United States. Recently published selections of his verse can be read online at Black Mirror Magazine, Connotation Press, ditch, and The Horror Zine.


The Legal Definition

Her brother’s out on parole.
Her boyfriend’s up on a charge
of assault with a deadly weapon.
She sits alone in her bedroom.
There’s no legal name
for what she is.


Vacant Lot

It’s nothing but trash
and broken glass and weeds.
And empty syringes of course.
A body was dumped here once.
A John Doe—
the vacant lot of names.


So What’s the Problem

“This is fucked up,” he says.
“It’s shit.
If I ever get my hands
on those assholes I’ll . . . ”
I’m here to help him
and this is all I have to go on.


When the Clubs Close

It’s as if the dark
tips those nightclubs
on their sides,
and a thousand
young men and women
are dumped out
on the sidewalks.

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