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john sweet, b. 1968, opposed to all organized religions and fad diets. most recent collection is THE CENTURY OF DREAMING MONSTERS (Lummox Press, 2014). a believer in hope in limited amounts. an empty vessel. the one true prophet of holy sunlight.


the mechanics of fear

Not asleep, but dreaming of engines.
The stench of blood. All of the small,
useless ideas that have come to
define me.


poem in the shadow of the bleeding horse

keep who you are
walk backwards down these
shadowed halls until
you find the room of hanged men
until the difference between
love and fucking finally


far away

and this is the easy part,
the gun, the rope, the
hammer, just your own hands maybe,
and then you kill the child,
and then what?
try bringing it back
to life?



or the boy who
shoots out the eyes of
dogs w/ his .22, all grown up

the future suddenly
nailed to yr door and it’s
blood washing over everything


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And, be sure to visit john’s blog, the bleeding horse, avenged, along with his Lulu Author Spotlight.

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