Previous Feature: Noel Negele

Noel Negele is formerly from Albania, and currently resides in Greece. A previously featured poet here at the boo-tay, his poetry has also appeared online at Dead Snakes, Horror Sleaze Trash, Napalm And Novocain, UFO Gigolo, and Your One Phone Call.


Short Story

The cab driver taking me home
in the middle of the night
is mad and confessional
because he hasn’t slept in years
and his wife hasn’t called in years
and his little daugher asks him puberty questions
he can’t handle without blushing or
gulping down half a bottle of Jack.



Time comes you realize that life is not that big
that in fact it’s all too brief
to learn it or reach a happiness as absolute as pavements
on the streets, as absolute as the inhumanity of humanity

we are all going to become photographs one day
we are all going to dissolve into nothingness one day

that still doesn’t make us be
any less cruel to each other.



The only thing you ought to do
when drinking is to get drunk alone
because when drunk one tends to be honest

it either ends up with your fist in someone’s face
or someone’s foot up your ass

it’s always too early
until it’s too late.

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