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Alan Catlin is the editor of Misfit Magazine. A twenty time Pushcart Prize nominee, he is the author of over sixty chapbooks and full-length collections. Such titles include Drunk and Disorderly (Pavement Saw Press, 2003), and Alien Nation (March Street Press, 2011). Widely published in the small press, an archive of his published work is held at The University of Buffalo Special Collections. To read a recommended selection of Alan’s poetry, please visit the fondly remembered Dead Snakes, where he was a frequent contributor.


Home Invasion

A well-placed
kick gains access
inside; no time to reach
for a weapon.


Requiem for a Nun

Gave work to indigents:
shoveling snow,
clearing the driveway,
jobs around the house.

For her charity
she was beaten,
strangled with a rosary,
a retirement gift from
Mother Superior.

No good deed goes


Reality Show

He played a psycho
on TV—
then he became one.


All Hail! Alan Catlin’s most recent full-length collection, Last Man Standing (2016), is available via Lummox Press. Simply click the cover art below . . .

Last Man Standing


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