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5 A.M. Check-In

Our address in Brooklyn
rolls off the tongues
of bill-dodgers and
to the point
NYPD detectives
backed by bigger guns
forcibly enter,
insisting this is
their first visit
until we show their cards,
call the precinct,
our landlord,
our lawyer,
not that it stops
any of it.



He saved
of children
giving up
the dream
of driving.



Assuming I live to 80,
I’m there—
between big signs
from New York
to Florida,
only markers
for miles,
most of which
I miss.


All Hail! Collecting all fifty two poems published during its fifth year of operation, Volume Five of The Five-Two is available on Kindle. That’s a lot of fives . . .

Among other fine poets, Volume Five features work by Midnight Lane Boutique alumni Alan Catlin, John Grey, and Angel Zapata.

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