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Scott Wozniak is a poet/chaos enthusiast living in Oregon. His works have been widely published both online and in print. To keep up with his publications, follow him on Twitter @sewozniak.


Slim Polluted My Mind

If dangerous drugs
and dirty sex
land your ass
in a sling,
Iceberg Slim.

The judge
may not
but the guys
in your cell
sure will.


Family Values Paying Off

We spotted
one another
from a distance.
He was holding
a sign
that read
the usual
laundry list
of lies:
“Anything helps,”
“Homeless Vet,”
“Will work for . . .”
“God bless.”

My sign read,
“I smell,
I’m broke,
hates me.
I Just want
to get drunk
and high,
spare a dime?”

The beer
in my hand,
and not his,
was proof
that honesty
really is
the best


Patron Saint

He asked
for change.
I handed him
a bag of dope.
Thank yous fell
from his mouth
like Hail Marys
from a sinner.

As he gathered
his backpack
from the sidewalk,
he told me
I was a savior,
then hurried off
to inject
Amazing Grace.

I kept walking
on my way
to do
the same,
if Catholics have
a patron saint
of dope fiends?

God knows
we need one.


Greyhound Station Snapshot

All of us
forced here
by our life’s
want to be
on the cheap.

Thrown together,
we all hop
the infested
dirty dog
because we lack
the means
of escape
in our attempt
to arrive
at a place
to what we hope
to leave behind.

Look around
at the mess
of humanity
packed in
this rolling
last chance
to get away.

It’s easy to see
why drug dealers
terminal doors.


All Hail! Scott Wozniak’s new full-length collection of poetry, Crumbling Utopian Pipedream, is forthcoming from Moran Press. To learn more, simply click on the GIF below . . .

Praise for Crumbling Utopian Pipedream:

“Reading Scott Wozniak you feel the dark grit beneath your cuticles, the needle wagging in the hinge of your arm and the demons’ claws raking down your back. This is authentic outlaw poetry.” —Rob Plath

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