Previous Feature: John D. Robinson

John D. Robinson is a published poet with two chapbooks out there somewhere. His work has appeared widely in the small press and in online literary journals.


Graham & “The Boys’ Brigade”

I would call by once a week,
early evening, on the way
to “The Boys’ Brigade,”
and I’d look forward to
this as I’d be invited in to
wait for Graham;
the house was always warm
and smelt of polish and
flowers and everything was
orderly, precise, everything
seemed to belong
and it was hard to imagine that
anybody had ever raised a voice
let alone a hand inside that house;
his father would be seated, suited, smart,
silent, very clean cut and groomed,
at a table reading a newspaper,
and looking up he’d
quietly acknowledge me;
Graham and his father seemed almost
identical and I envied him, them,
father and son,
everything was fresh,
clean, conservative, safe, predictable
and familiar, reserved;
my father was a
drunkard and a clumsy
thief and an unlucky gambler,
and I can remember wanting to have
a life like Graham and his father;
but thank fuck
it didn’t work out like that.


It’s Not a Secret

I’d like to tell you something,
it’s nothing new,
I’ve said it so many times
before, sometimes you
heard it and at other times
it went unnoticed,
but I’ve never tired of
feeling and saying
I love you,
even though it was said,
sometimes, in silence,
when alone, without you;
sometimes because I
couldn’t, I couldn’t
say it to you
as we looked at each
sometimes, words, when
said aloud, fuck things
up and stampede the
moment and take it to
someplace else;
sometimes, I keep those
words, quiet in my head,
that I can say at any time.


All Hail! John D. Robinson’s latest collection, Cowboy Hats & Railways (Scars Publications, 2016), is freely available online in PDF format. Simply click on the cover image below to enjoy more of John’s poetry . . .

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