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Matt Amott is the co-founder, co-editor and photographer for Six Ft. Swells Press. He wanders around the Pacific Northwest and his turn-ons include pre-1978 custom Dodge vans, OP/Lightning Bolt apparel, shirts with numbers, cords, heavy fuzz, deep blues, heart-wrenching soul, record players, CB radios, postcards, Kung-Fu movies, Logan’s Run, hitchhiking, patches/iron-ons and longboards. His work can be found at


Her Postcard

arrives, unsigned.
She writes
of passion, lust and Wilson Pickett.
My roommates know
it’s for me.


Aging Gracefully

I walk to the bar
to have a birthday drink.
It isn’t a major year
no 18 or 21 or 30 or 50
just one that doesn’t matter,
but still worthy
of a few whiskeys.

I sit near a group
of women half my age
and we all share
stories and shots
until one,

a young brunette,

my age.

I tell her
it doesn’t matter.
She seems to agree
and buys
my next drink.


Drinks with Hank

My dinner date cancels last minute,
leaving a quiet evening
to have some drinks while
listening to an audio
of Bukowski on the hi-fi.

I log onto Facebook
to see the latest work
from a tattoo artist
I know.
Ventricles and valves
of a crimson heart
tattooed on
a well-endowed

And in the background,
Bukowski reads
about someone else
getting action


All Hail! Matt Amott’s full-length collection, The Coast is Clear (2012),* is available for purchase from Six Ft. Swells Press, along with a host of other fine titles. Simply click on the cover image below to learn more . . .

*Introduction by Todd Cirillo; cover design by Julie Valin.

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