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Melanie Browne is a poet and fiction writer living In Texas. She doesn’t like to go without A-1 on her steak. Her poems can be found at various places, including BAD ACID LABORATORIES, INC., In Between Hangovers, and Pulp Metal Magazine. You can link to more of Melanie’s work by visiting


Trump in Oz

D.C. is a clattering clinking clanking
collection of frivolous trash!
I represent The People’s Guild!
The People’s Guild! The People’s Guild!
I’ll get the bad people if it’s that last thing I do!
Dorothy is great, her and her people,
just great people. They invited me up to
Oz and I said I’d be delighted because
they are great people and there were protests,
yes, can you believe it? The wicked witch
Nancy Pelosi and ol’ cowardly
Chuck “Lion” Schumer out there protesting on
the steps of Oz . . . so embarrassing . . .
But Dorothy, she’s a great lady, she
brought us inside for some lemonade
and introduced me to some fabulous people
like Glenda, who was fantastic!
And Dorothy kept saying, “Well this isn’t Kansas
anymore. Can you believe it, Mr. President?”
And we had a good laugh, me and Dorothy
and Toto, her little dog, too.
I mean, it was just outrageous
those protest going on in such
a beautiful place. And the decorators
did such a great job, such a great
shade of green, I’ve never seen anything
like it. I have to run, but we are going to meet
up in Kansas with Dorothy and Glenda , who have some
great ideas, and I love the food in the Midwest
too, just fantastic! Not too spicy! I love that.
Those people, just great!


All Hail! Melanie Browne’s Heaven is a Giant Pawn Shop (2009) is available via erbacce press. Simply click on the cover image below to learn more . . .

But wait . . . there’s more! Portrait of a Bad Sailor Girl (2012) is also available via Melanie’s Lulu site.

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