Feature Poet: Alan Catlin

Alan Catlin has been publishing since the seventies. He is convinced we are determined to relive the sixties, and have learned absolutely nothing since then. Welcome to deja vu all over again.


The Circus of Death

His milieu is a skit
like Saturday Night Live
playing leader of the free
world with Old Mr. Bones
as his mentor

guiding light

inciting fear and trembling
around the world
with ill-conceived plans
all of which could end
the world as we know it

Has succeeded in creating
domestic chaos and unifying
the opposition while fracturing
everything else

while moving the hands of
the Doomsday Clock
further forward than at any time
since the 50s with each
rant 140 characters or less

Who knew this was how
you opened The Seventh Seal

Who knew that the world
would end not with a bang but
a twitter


Unknown Soldier

He was born on The Fourth of July
beaten at student demonstrations
in Madison

He was shot at by national guard
troops at Kent State
arrested and confined in solitary
after Jackson State

Bitten by police dogs at civil rights
marches in Alabama

He was Vietnam Veterans for Peace
at anti-war marches
well into the 70s

Was tear gassed
billy clubbed
pepper sprayed

But he never gave up
and he came back
and you can see him marching now

He is your father
on crutches
with prosthetic limbs
riding in a wheelchair

Follow him and
shake his hand
if he has one


All Hail! Alan Catlin’s latest full-length collection of poetry, American Odyssey (2017), is available via Future Cycle Press. Please, click on the cover image below to learn more . . .

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