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Larry D. Thacker is a poet from Kentucky, currently working on his MFA in both poetry and fiction. His work can be found in more than eighty publications including Appalachian Heritage, Ghost City Press, Jazz Cigarette, Mad River Review, Mannequin Haus, Mojave River Review, Poetry South, The Southern Poetry Anthology, and The Still Journal. His books include Mountain Mysteries: The Mystic Traditions of Appalachia (Overmountain Press, 2006), and the poetry collections, Voice Hunting (Finishing Line Press, 2011) and Memory Train (Ibid., 2015).


Mass Inauguration

Hail to men in black
dispensing with justice,
dispersing unwanted
crowds with smoke.

Hail great chieftain,
The Illegitimate One,
braggart, liar, author
of inaugural utterances
upon which the world
must chew and choke.

To hell with the men
in black, dispensing
dispensations rather
than justice, through
screens of trick smoke.

To hell with legitimate
leaders they promote,
the popularly chosen,
frightful by gender,
our pant-suited lady,
not an orangified joke.


The New Old Death March

I stroll the concrete squares, zombied
against the world’s mythological roundness
and truer colors. A line of bumpy grayness

in our viewfinders. Like well-conditioned ants,
heads nodding at blurred feet, building top
beauty long forgotten. Sidewalk fashioned

in endless rectangles, a flatness folding
over the horizon, littered with assumed
obligation to the dead. Absent any glancing

left or right, behind or inwardly, we snack
on sugar cube morsels through IV drips,
trudging along this ever washed out path

toward that evasive somethingness we crave,
for that thing we lost last winter, tasting of hope,
surely, just over the horizon, but that keeps

its sadistic distance. We smell it in the TV.
Smell it on the breath of the scam preachers.
Smell it in that new car scent pumped through

the office cubicles we’re all marching for.
Smell it in our empty wallets. Smell it
at the ATMs. Smell it passing fast food joints.

Smell it in our own shit. It’s so very yummy.


All Hail! Larry D. Thacker’s newest collection of poetry, Drifting in Awe (2017), is available by Finishing Line Press. Click on the cover image below to learn more:

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