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Stefanie Bennett, ex-blues singer and musician, has published several books of poetry, a novel, and a libretto. She has also tutored at The Institute of Modern Languages (Cook University), and worked with Arts Action For Peace. Of mixed ancestry—Irish, Italian, Paugussett-Shawnee—you can learn more about her most recent collection of verse below . . .


The Debit: The Re-United States

Once I hid behind lost things:
The shoebox where
My father kept
Tobacco pipes, war medals;
Madre’s kitchen drawer
Full of banished
Love letters, curios,
And Blue Grass perfume.

Invisibly, I stalked nine grandparents’
Mysterious origins
Making them my own—
Tripping across
Siracusa, Killarney, Again,
America “the beautiful,”
Berlin, Naples . . .
Questioning how language
And customs coalesced.

Immigrants, I learned,
Build harmony
By rational misadventure,
Letting loose
The strings
Of a sometime sorrow
Spilt when
No one’s near.

And I? I’ve yet to uncover
Which part of me now
Is rain squall
Or rock
Mossed over.


Own It! Standing Rock

They talk of corn—Caribbean blue.
Tri-gold. Matte-white.
Geordie, Tipperary Tigress
Astride her sun-kissed vale.
Vittoria, immigrant. Mother
To three at eighteen
Light years. And—
Melissa, stately in deer-hide
Polishing a nation’s bloodstone.

“You are the husk of our dawn star,”
They intone. “You are
What’s left of the coup.”

I am The Straw Woman
My own eyelids
The bone walk’s
One half octave


All Hail! Stefanie Bennett’s most recent collection of verse, The Vanishing (2015), is available via Walleah Press. Simply click on the cover image below to learn more . . .

 And, take added note, Stefanie’s book is also available via Amazon.
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