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Kristen Williamson is currently a Graduate in English Literature and Creative Writing at Binghamton University in New York, where her fields of study include poetry and fiction. She has been featured in Slink Chunk Press, The Stray Branch, The Zine and others.


Verbal Abuse

I traded stares with a woman
with the darkest green eyes
that seemed to say,
“I’ve been there too,
hold tight,”
as you moved toward me
and strangers just looked on.


Sharp Edge of Picture Frames   

I once told you
I didn’t like to fight.
I’m sure I smiled
the smile I always smile
when I’m telling a lie.
I want to smash the dishes
and the picture frames
that hold bittersweet memories.
I want to feel
you bleed
in front of me.


Power Struggles

I lift my head from your pillow
to watch the leaves fall from their silk roots.
Your chest caves in and out against the mattress,
the sheets tangled between your thighs.
Sunlight streams from the window
and kisses the back I claw
when I’m under you,
my bare feet slipping on your silk sheets.
I dig my fingertips along your spine
and listen for an angry “fuck” to assault my ears.
I rest my mouth on your shoulder
and sink my teeth into your skin;
the stinging of your flesh
falls from your mouth in a growl.
I can’t help but want you more
when you roll on your back
and let me map my favorite parts
of your chest
with hands no longer timid.
I press you harder into the bed.
Your teeth clench.
I pull my shirt over my head,
grind my hips against you—
I love the way you look­
when I’m on top of you.


The Flood of August

I soak up the gallon of water,
the one you threw at me
because I had an attitude
after you called me a cunt.

I sit with bath towels trying to stop
the water that spreads
over the dining room floor.

You walk by and knock a chair
into the water.
It splashes me in the face.

I won’t cry—
not with you standing there.

“Defeated,” I repeat to myself,
“don’t let him see you defeated.”


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