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Sudeep Adhikari is a structural engineer/lecturer from Kathmandu, Nepal. His recent publications include After The Pause, Anti-Heroin Chic, Beatnik Cowboys, Fauna Quarterly, Jawline Review, Kyoto, Poetry Pacific, Red Fez, Silver Birch Press, Vox Poetica, Yellow Mama, and Your One Phone Call.


Sloping Faces of Liquid Mirror

I want to buy me some rain. I want those
terracotta curves to
eat the sky in a single bite;
a love bite, a bite that doesn’t bite.

I want that blue infinity
to see my balls from underneath.
Today, I want to be the sky of the sky.

Inversions, reflections and projections.
Bend it like a Möbius Strip. Make glazed
doughnuts from ivory towers of mirrors on acid.

I want an other-reality; in the shape
of faceless dough, which my mother is
going to bake for dinner tonight.


A Glass-House of Denial

You are always walking on the razor’s edge,
on a thin line separating suffering from unrealized
simulation of glassy veils,
to room your  self-comforting disillusionments

of a painless cubicle.

From my window, I see pink and punk slopes of
impermanence, and wet mirrors reflecting
many dreads of melting infinites. And a tired old face
slowly morphing into a new dream,

which is not yet a sell-out.

Death is not the end, but a life in the shape
of haunting denials. Pain is right at the corner,
but have you loved enough

to fool the cruel noise of ticking clocks?

All Hail! To learn more about Sudeep Adhikari, please read his interview at Walking Is Still Honest Press, conducted by Scott Thomas Outlar.  Simply click on the poet’s picture below . . .

And, be sure to enjoy some of Sudeep’s writings on the philosophy of science and religion, archived at NovelMasters.

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