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Peter Magliocco writes from Las Vegas, Nevada, where he occasionally edits the lit-zine ART:MAG. His recent sci-fi novel, SPLANX (2014), was published by Cosmic Egg Books.


Where Lorde Sunbathes Between Concerts

Someone brings you in a vision to me
where we share a last virtual meal
together on the dark net’s megabytes

The hungry groupies from Planet Hollywood
try to muscle in & panhandle us
until they spot our cannibal fare:

To think we dropped newborn babes
in time-warped cradles, just a few hours earlier
along the wavering banks of Rivertown.

Stoned photographers had a field day
zooming in on picturesque pools
where the spotted owls drowned

Screeching odes to deaf masters,
leaving a mélange of floating wings
russet-hued, sun-tanned brown

(“insert your favorite color!”
comes Cortana’s voice-mesh
from Microsoft shadows)

before disappearing
into the



The Shape of Cybernetic Futures

I know the pagan priests have a beautiful sadness
praying for their lusts to grow
in the iconic chapel of limitless pleasures
beyond the deserts of Vegas.
I saw their acts of reverent sodomy
marry a man from a bestial species
into an in vitro race reared to condemn
the so-called sins of modern humanity

As political geeks spat righteous slogans
against abortion, gene-tampering, gun control
to overtake your sleeping mind’s infomercial
& leave it barren for commercial predators
(with their born again, unforgiving menace?)
they invade your digital “home & hearth”

While you’re asking, “Are we still free from
broken-hearted fears, gross submissions
we have no goddamn control over?”
Your family splintered by terrorist attacks,
your wife the victim of some lethal road rage,
your beautiful kid taken by pederasts
the priests of dollar stores pray for daily

Hidden by their everyday cyber-masks,
the dark net is their church of choice
as they reboot the wilderness about you
& place their Trump god on your broken pedestal.


All Hail! Peter Magliocco’s neo-speculative novel, The Burgher of Virtual Eden (PublishAmerica, 2009; America Star Books, 2017), is newly released, and available online as a Nook ebook. Simply click on the cover image below to enjoy . . .

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