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Elisabeth Horan is a poet, mother, student, lover of kind people and animals, homesteading in Vermont with her tolerant partner and two young sons. She enjoys riding her horses and caring for her cats, chickens, goats and children (not necessarily in that order). She teaches at River Valley Community College in New Hampshire. Follow her @ehoranpoet.


My Beautiful Bride

Be my knife-whyfe / be glinty-bad
You are migh lyfe-whife

Hesterprynne me; fuck who u like.
Wear this lyfe-vest; don’t drown bad—

Fret in the marriage mud dark and oily as drug trees,
hung fruity in the night—

Lightly does nothing for my libido / teddy,
naughty; knotted limbs / akimbo limbic systems

Razor smart u r & shave me ripe n ready;
we r nothing if not hot n heavy

Yet i carry u lite as pigeon feathers / usher me home
notes from the war zone

Never shot down. O, brave flier; no Crow
Martyrdom suits thee as do my chain-link

Ball bearings resonate 4 u:
a soprano; sticky up for this alto,

Beautiful as Elton; candlelit keys
be my knyfe wyfe / love me lightly;

Dearest Diana, wood-wynd arc de triomphe;
death of my dutiful bride—

Ur smyle like dendritic tentacles
high as this merciful shade-tree.

This is not a funeral for anyone but me.
I know how hard u’ve tryd /

In this rut lops of my far-flungs—
be my knife-whyfe / be glinty-bad.


After the Heart Gentrifies—

This is for the gup-gup
Loyola trag and sung-mets

Viohgen rencia street wyse
Ogreling digrupties vayalon
Former shagons—

This is for the vorpaic neverthegress
And the up-tit way you hover-crust
Alwize ubeen and garantia me.

Why shan’t we gib nup le plea’surie
Who cunt we be nick to wunder, O
Bucks at the waddly peat!

Faya nago linkie
U r sumpin’ freaky

Favorina is the best-must way
Gonzojing upper tooterary mucks
Ein not linder by my ranc.

This is for the yung best we newsome
Darlish-devil-dee, I adorn u in twinzle;

Yet ring-a-ling in righter straight
and cleverley; and null the creator nippe,
Softly touching rainbowlings.


All Hail! Elisabeth Horan’s poetry has appeared in a number of online journals, including Anti-Heroin Chic, Horny Poetry Review, Rat’s Ass Review, and Verdencies, as well is in print journals such as In the Name of the Voice. To learn more about the latter venue, please click on the cover image below to visit its publisher, Alexander & Brook . . .

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