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Jeff Bagato is a multi-media artist living near Washington, DC, who produces poetry, prose, electronic music, glitch video, street art, and pop surrealism paintings. His poetry has appeared in many journals, including Chiron Review, The Five-Two, Otoliths, and Outlaw Poetry. Short fiction has recently appeared in The Colored Lens and Gobbet. His published books include the poetry collections Cthulhu Limericks (, 2011) and Savage Magic (ibid., 2016), along with the novels Computing Angels (ibid., 2015) and The Toothpick Fairy (ibid., 2015).


A Spell Through Time (Doom Pussy poem)

Sex is the non-language by which
we disobey god,
by which we explode reason

Fucking defeats language—
Fucking denies language power—
Fucking is the fruit of the tree and defies god—

Fucking disobeys god—

Fucking—the new god—the author of all—
Fucking disobeys god—
Fucking brings into being the strength
of man and woman given to oneself

Fucking, I find the god in me—
I give myself fucking—
I give myself god

Fucking is magic that defies reason—
I am fucking myself into your hearts;
by myself I gain power,
I author my own power

I control time—
I make time mine—
Fucking time is mine—
Fucking time is my power

By fucking I go outside time
and out of reach of god or reason

Out of time, I disobey—
absolute ruler and rigid controller of all
things I disobey you—
I break you down—
I reuse you for my own fucking power—
I take my own time—
I fuck myself—
I reach in and take time—

I fuck language
and disobey,
and fucking—authoring
this spell takes me through
time for my own being

I birth myself out of time
and bring this self back through
time and language
to power

disobey god

fucking yourself out of time


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