Come Hither . . .

Midnight Lane Boutique publishes street poetry, drug-addled poetry, dark confessional poetry, and whatever else might fit the site’s vibe. Perhaps, you’d like to do a little wheelin’ ‘n’ dealin’ here at the boutique, but wonder what’s in it for you. Well, please scroll down to learn more . . .

“The Dangers of Smoking,” by Yours Truly, 2014.

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BAD ACID LABORATORIES, INC: Beginning December 24, 2016, all poetry accepted for publication at Midnight Lane Boutique will also be eligible for possible republication at BAD ACID LABORATORIES, INC., a sister-site of the boutique.

24 Hour Pharmacy: Got a prescription other pharmacies can’t fill? Well, the boo-tay might have just what the doctor ordered.

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Johnny Longfellow, Editor 

In Memoriam

Midnight Lane Boutique is dedicated to the memory of Joe Dunn, actor, impresario, poet, publisher, and friend.


          We will meet again   

          one day, we will

          gather at the river

          (Paterson perchance)

             Robert Creeley