Midnight Lane Boutique publishes featured poets’ work on weekends, usually on Saturday, sometimes Sunday. Work is then posted for a minimum of a week at the top of the Now Featuring page before being rotated down. Thereafter, it is archived on site, and accessible via the sidebar. The current schedule of upcoming features is as follows . . .

Featured Poet:                                           Posting Date (2017):

J.J. Campbell                                                         1/7

Ben Newell                                                           1/14

Rob Plath                                                               1/21

Previously Published (Work Removed!!!)      1/28 

Catfish McDaris                                                   2/4

Scott Wozniak                                                       2/11

Ben Nardolilli                                                        2/18

David Spicer                                                           2/25

Mindy Watson                                                        3/4

Todd Cirillo                                                              3/11   (Review correspondence fully                                                                                                       for edits and formatting.)

John D. Anderson                                                3/18        (Ditto)

Ryan Quinn Flanagan                                         3/25       (Ditto)

Matt Amott                                                            4/1        (Ditto)

Colin James                                                            4/8        (Ditto)

Howie Good                                                            4/15

Melanie Browne                                                    4/22     (Ditto)

Alan Catlin                                                              4/29

Larry Thacker                                                        5/6

David Spicer                                                           5/13   (Quotes in lieu of italics.)

Stefanie Bennett                                                    5/20  (Review correspondence fully                                                                                                       for edits and formatting.)

Bill Gainer                                                              5/27     (Ditto)


Ryan Quinn Flanagan                                          6/3        (Ditto)

David Spicer                                                           6/10  (Just review pieces.)

James Decay                                                           6/17 (Review correspondence fully                                                                                                       for edits and formatting.)

Kristen Williamson                                                6/24 (Ditto)

John Grey                                                                7/1 (Just review pieces)

Sudeep Adhikari                                                    7/8 (Review correspondence fully                                                                                                       for edits and formatting.)

James Kowalczyk                                                   7/22 (Just review and format pieces)

Jeff Bagato                                                               7/29 (Ditto)

Peter Magliocco                                                      8/5 (One tweak. Just review.)

J.J. Campbell                                                            8/12 (Just review pieces)


Jen Santellano                                                         8/19 (Ditto)

Bradford Middleton                                               8/26 (One tweak. Just review.)


Peter Magliocco                                                      9/2 (One tweak. Just review.)

Ken Allan Dronsfield                                             9/9 (Review correspondence fully                                                                                                       for edits and formatting.)


Kahlil Crawford                                                      9/16 (Just review/apply house-style.)

Tara Lynn Hawk                                                    9/23 (Already reviewed.)

Martin Appleby                                                      9/30 (Review/apply house-style.)


Matt Duggan                                                           10/7 (Review/one tweak.)

Andy C. Brown                                                       10/14 (One tweak. Just review.)*

Alan Britt                                                                 10/14 (Just Review.)*

Jake Sheff                                                                10/21 (Just Review.)

Paul Tristram                                                         10/28 (Already reviewed.)

Chani Zwibel                                                          11/4 (Review correspondence fully                                                                                                       for edits and formatting.)

Joe Balaz                                                                  11/11 (Use  attachment.)

David Spicer                                                            11/18 (Just review.)

John Grey                                                                 11/25 (Just review.)

J.J. Campbell                                                             12/2 (Just review.)

Elisabeth Horan                                                      12/9 (Apply house-style.)

Kristin Garth                                                           12/16 (Review correspondence fully                                                                                                       for edits and formatting.)

Ryan Quinn Flanagan                                           12/23 (Just review. One tweak.)

John Grey                                                                 12/30 (Just review.)

J.J. Campbell                                                             1/7 (Just review.)

Elisabeth Horan                                                      1/14  (Apply house-style.)

Kristin Garth                                                            1/21 (Review correspondence fully                                                                                                       for edits and formatting.)

Jeff Bagato                                                                 1/28 (Just review. Contact 12/26-1/7.)


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