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Howdy! My name is Johnny, and I’m the editor o’ this fine establishment, along with BAD ACID LABORATORIES, INC.

On this here page I’ve compiled an interactive list of places where my own poetry’s been published. That means ya’ can click on the title, and even read the poems!

And, there’s some other po’ biz related stuff to check out, too. Whoo-hoo!

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Online Publications:

* See sample poems located at bottom of page.

Print Publications:

  • The Literary Hatchet #12: “‘Tween the Orchard ‘n’ the Graveyard”
  • The Literary Hatchet #17: “‘Stagger Lee'”
  • The Literary Hatchet #20: “Accountin’ for Debt”
  • Poetry Soup: “Elegy for a Small Town (I),” “On the Flip-Flop Serenade,”  “The Natali Ache,” & “All them Foolish Lies”






Pushcart Prize nomination (11/29/2018) by Kristin Garth for “Leavin’ Springersville,” first published in The Sonnetarium 



And, here’s the formal announcement: The Sonnetarium: Pushcart Nominee Tribute


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Contact: midnightlanegallery@gmail.com

*Sample Poems:

        American Gilgamesh

“Appreciate the child who holds your hand.
Let your wife enjoy herself in your lap.”                                                                             Gilgamesh—Old Babylonian Version (V, iii: 25–26)

It’s done. I’ve gone ‘n’ got myself a bride,
An’ hunkered down inside a trailer park
In Nowheres, Texas. Nights, when it gits dark,
I hang aroun’, a rack o’ beer beside
Me, watchin’ stars. I hear my kids play hide-
‘N’-seek, an’ make believe, as a spark
O’ lightin’, brighter than a weldin’ arc,
Lights up the worl’.                                                                                                                                              An’ O, my doublewide
Jus’ seems so small, when rumblin’ ‘long, a clap
O’ thunder goes Kaboom! the prairie sky
Chock full o’ clouds. My wife . . .  she comes to say
She’s scared . . . she crawls inside big daddy’s lap . . .
While I, fo’ nothin’ mo’ than love, jus’ lie,
An’ gently whisper, “Shhhh . . . we’ll be okay.”

                                             First published in Thunder Sandwich#26

Thieves Jargon.JPG

the rotary dial First published in The Rotary Dial, June 2015.