Disinhibitors & Enablers

Midnight Lane Boutique has collected the following videos and links to entertain, inspire, and educate . . .

Other voices worth listening to follow this interview with Mark “Hate Man” Hawthorne, conducted by Jim Hair at People’s Park, in Berkeley, CA . . .

Source: Jim Hair

*Amber and Earl           *Carla          *Carolynn

*Cincinnati Residents          *Charles        *Chrissy         *Cotton

*D.J. (a.k.a. Freeway)          *Eli          *Faye       *Faye and Cat

*Hate Man (1)          *Hate Man (2)          *Hate Man (3)

*Homeless Mother         *Homeless Residents        *Mr. Butch

*Ronald         *Steen          *Terra         *Travelling Kids


A selection of street performances from across the U.S. follows this great rendition of “Policeman,” performed by Turned Earth on the streets of Asheville, NC . . .

Source: The Leaking Genius    

*Asheville, NC (1)          *Asheville, NC (2)         *Boston, MA        *Berkeley, CA (1)

*Berkeley, CA (2)         *Los Angeles, CA (1)           *Los Angeles, CA (2)

*Nashville, TN (1)         *Nashville, TN (2)         *New Orleans (1)          *New Orleans (2)

*New York, NY (1)        *New York, NY (2)          *Portland, OR         *San Francisco, CA (1)

*San Francisco, CA (2)          *Santa Fe, NM          *Seattle, WA

*Syracuse, NY          *Venice Beach, CA          *Who knows where, US?


More selected street performances from across the world follow this fine cover of The Eagles’ “Hotel California,” from the Philippines . . .

Source: AQW termind

*Amman, JO          *Amsterdam, NL            *Athens, GR

*British Columbia, CA         *Bangkok, TH         * Barcelona, SP          *Buenos Aires, AR

*Fremantle, AU         *Havana, CU         *Monrovia, LR          *Rajasthan, IN

*Rome, IT          *Sidney, AU          *Soweta, ZA

*Tarlac Province, PI          *Tehran, IR          *Toronto, CA 

*Who knows where, RU?         *Yevpatoriya, UA          *Yokohama, JP


Links to selected, short documentaries and exposes (40 min. or less) follow this trailer for “The Family at 1312,” produced by Sawbuck Productions, Inc.

Source: sawbuckfilms

*After the End           *The Bulb         *Carissa

*Deadly Force: Arming America’s Police

*The Family at 1312       *Life in the Deportee Slums of Mexico

*Life in Zona Norte        *Street Medicine

*Ray Polk and Homeless Ministries of Fresno, CA

*Tent City: Inside Fresno’s Taco Flats        *Welcome to Paradise City


Links to longer, selected documentaries and exposes (40+ min.) follow this teaser for “Wastings & Pain,” written and edited by Josh Laner . . .

Source: zamboni5000

*The Bridge         *Bums’ Paradise        *Carts of Darkness

*Camp Purgatory        *Dark Days        *Dope Sick Love 

*Detroit–Riot, Decline, and Bankruptcy

*Dignity Harbor          *Extreme World: Chicago

*Femicide at the Border: Women of Juarez        *Hookers at the Point

*J is for Junkie        *Law & Disorder in Philadelphia          *Lost Angels: Skid Row is my Home

*Out of the Woods         *Tent City, USA         *Wastings & Pain


An eclectic mix of music videos follow Sarcasmo Crust’s inspiring “Trabajo Oscura” . . .

 Source: sarcasmocrustcore

*Annoying          *Afghan Whigs           *At the Drive-In          *Burning Bright

*Jim Carroll          *Jina Davis, ft. Maxx Millionz        *Drug Honkey

*Egor       *Earth          *Abel Ferrara & Paul G. Hipp         *The Gutter Twins

*Heroin and your Veins (1)          *Heroin and your Veins (2)         *Jimi Hendrix

*Ministry         *Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds          *Nachtmystium

*Phobia          *Sarcasmo Crust        *The Tiger Lillies

*Xasthur          *Xasthur (w/ Marissa Nadler)


Links to the work of contemporary street photographers follow this moving mash-up by Madamnesia, that blends “Soon After Silence,” by Endorphin, with a selection of portraits by Lee Jeffries . . .

Source: Madamnesia

*Chris Arnade (1)        *Chris Arnade (2)

*Trevor Brady         *Christopher Brown          *Lincoln Clarkes

*Rex Hohlbein          *Lee Jeffries (1)          *Lee Jeffries (2)

*Lung Liu          *Graham MacIndoe          *Sheldon Nadelman          *Katia Roberts



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