Entre Nous

Midnight Lane Boutique is currently closed to poetry submissions.

We will likely reopen at some point in the future.

While we’re on hiatus, please feel free to periodically check back in on this page for a formal date regarding our reopening.

Thank you!

The boutique specializes in publishing gritty street poetry, dark confessional poetry, cruelly orphaned poetry, drug-addled poetry, and whatever else kind of poetry floats the editor’s boat. Ultimately, if it fits the vibe of the site, then groovy! All styles of poetry are welcome, from free-verse, syllabic, to formal.


Midnight Lane Boutique seeks First Serial Rights, so please credit the sweet boo-tay if work accepted here is subsequently published elsewhere. And, from 12/24/16 forward, the boutique also seeks Non-Exclusive Reprint Rights. This means all poetry accepted at the boutique is eligible for possible—and here it must be underscored, possible—republication at BAD ACID LABORATORIES, INC., a sister-site. All other rights return to the poet, post-publication.

Poetry accepted for publication will be posted for a minimum of one week at the top of the boutique’s Now Featuring (i.e. Home) page, and thereafter be archived on site. If there’s a backlog, you will be alerted as to the date of publication upon acceptance.

Neither previously published poems nor simultaneous submissions are accepted. The editor will respond to your submission in a short 14 days or less . . . probably less. With that, please just wait for a response before submitting again.


Anyway, blah blah blah, here’s how to submit your verse to Midnight Lane Boutique:

  • In the subject line of an email, please write “Boo-tay Poetry by (your name).” 
  • Embed 3 to 8 poems in the body of your email. No attachments! Poems of around 40 lines or less are generally preferred. (Nothing too long, in other words.)
  • Include a third-person bio of no more than 70 words, and feel free to embed a link or two in said bio, if you wish.
  • Send your submission to midnightlanegallery@gmail.com

Should, by strange chance, you not receive a response to your submission in 14 days, then feel free to query with a friendly, little “WTF?” note.

If you’ve any questions about Midnight Lane Boutique, please contact Johnny Longfellow at the email address listed above. He might even know the answers.

Thank you for your interest.


P.S. Please take added note, to whatever degree punctuation is utilized by a poet, the editor reserves the right to edit to the site’s house-style—i.e. Chicago Manual of Style. Likewise, he reserves the right to lightly edit, meaning amend obvious typos and/or errant usage of punctuation. If editing needs are more than minor, then he may “yellow-light” your poem(s), meaning he will carefully review the piece(s) with you prior to rendering acceptance. Finally, he reserves the right to edit bios, most especially those that exceed the word-limit prescribed above.

This place may look like a shithole, but we endeavor to keep up appearances . . .